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Viruses and bacterias are everywhere. So what do we need? A PHYSICAL PROTECTION! 💪 SDS BLOCKER IS HERE!!!! VIRUS AIR BLOCKER. The SDS CL-40 Virus Air Blocker protects you against bacteria! The main active component of the product is chlorine dioxide. It penetrates into the bacteria structure, cleaning the air at the molecular level. Protects you from flu, colds and some airborne viruses. Great for new born babies that have not been vaccinated yet. Also protects patients with low immunity like cancer patients. And Health Workers, Medical teams-Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics on the front line. It is also a mosquito repellent as some viruses are spread to other human thru mosquito bites. Protects you from a family of Coronaviruses including Mers & Sars. Safe and easy to use. Creates 1 meter protective shield of CIO2. Lasts for 30 days after opening. Worn on lanyard. Wear the SDS BLOCKER CL-40 anywhere you go, work, travelling, daycare, hospital, shopping,etc. Instead of using ordinary face masks. 👎 You don't have to swallow or drink it, just wear it! Say goodbye to your worries! ☑️ CIO2 DEACTIVATES AND KILLS MANY VIRUSES IN SEC. ☑️ CIO2 NEUTRALIZES POLLEN IN THE AIR ☑️ CIO2 NEUTRALIZES MANY ODORS The SDS-Blocker CL-40 is a personal space sanitizer. It uses a patented granulated oxidizer to slowly release ClO2 (chlorine dioxode) creating a 1m bubble of protection around you wherever you go. "It's as effective as wearing a mask, but without any of the inconveniences. You wear it just like an id around your neck."
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