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Our reseller package inclusion: free system free training COD Dropshipping Inclusions: 135g Premium Kojic Soap - 60ml Toner 10g Night Cream 10g Sunblock Cream SPF 30 Benefits.... For healthy brilliant glowing skin Younger, brighter, magical skin and much fresher face. Eliminates Dead Skin, Acne, Marks, Blackheads and Whiteheads Protects against UV rays of the sun Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles The most affordable and trending Rejuvenating Set in the Market! šŸ’Ž Whitens your skin within 7 days šŸ’Ž Brilliantly whiter and Blooming Face šŸ’Ž Yung Mamula-Mula Kahit Walang Blush on Kahit Mag Woke Up Like This! No Filter, No 360 Camera Maganda ka pa din! See improvements in 3 to 5 days. Keep in mind that these are the effects in the 3 day mark. Magkakaroon ng konting pamumula, na parang may blush on lang. May kakaunting pangangati dahil sa peeling pero napakababa ng chance na magkatigyawat na tutubo or rashes. SOP Do skin test under your ear before you start using the set. Do not rub the soap directly on your face. Rub the soap directly onto clean hands and then use hands to apply the soap onto your face. Do not rub or massage the cotton with the toner. Just Tap, Tap, Tap the cotton with toner on the face and neck. Peeling occurs depends with skin type. It usually peels on your 3rd day of use. Results varies. Apply only small amount of creams on face and neck. Do not use other skin care products while your skin is in rejuvenating process. Refrain from sun exposure while on the process. Make sure to use sunblock and collagen cream during the day. You can use that as primer if you need to wear make-up. Redness, Itchiness and Tingling sensation -are all EXPECTED REACTIONS! This is due to skin cells renewal and regeneration. BREAKOUTS are also possible as part of clearing and renewing process. MICRO-PEELING is normal! Some may experience it, others may not. Still skin type varies. If redness is noted, apply toner and cream every other day. Continue applying sunblock. If redness is severe, PAUSE for a week. Apply ice for cooling relief. Always, always apply sunblock. Gradually resume with the whole set after a week. Use toner and cream every other day then use it everyday on the following week. TIPS: For First-Timer: Use Shantahl Rejuvenating Set gradually. For the soap: Do not rub face when washing. Be gentle with your face. For the toner: Moisten cotton ball with 5 drops of toner. Apply to face with gentle stroke. Do not over do. For sunblock cream: Always use sunblock before going out. For night cream: Apply cream lightly. Going for a swim? 2 Days before swimming, stop using shantahl rejuvenating then continue after 2 days. Not recommended for pregnant women but GOOD for use by lactating mothers.
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