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Quantum Sanitary Napkin


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Airam Aucsap

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Quantum sanitary napkins' benefits ☀️Quantum Napkin Day- 10pcs. 🌙Quantum Napkin Night- 8pcs. ⭐️Quantum Panty Liner- 30pcs. ♻️World’s First Premium Sanitary Napkins Enhanced with Scalar Energy ♻️Each pad is made of premium materials that ensure better absorbency, enhanced with advanced HEMC Core Technology: 🚩Active Oxygen 🚩Negative ION 🚩Far-Infrared Ray 🚩Magnetic and Scalar Energy 🚩Negative Ion Benefits ✅Anti- Bacteria ✅Anti- Inflammation ✅Eliminates Odor ✅Highly Absorbent & Breathable ✅Regulates Menstrual Cycle ✅Anti Leakage Prevents: ✅Dysmenorrhea ✅UTI ✅Myoma ✅Hormonal Imbalance ✅Hemorrhoids ✅Cervical Problem ✅Prostate Problem
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