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✳️ HINDI INIINOM ✳️ BABAD LANG NG PAA AT ✳️ HAPLAS SA KATAWAN 💔 Meron kang mahal sa buhay na gusto mong tulungan na may karamdaman na tulad nito... 🔹 Diabetes 🔹 Heart Disease 🔹 Hypertension 🔹 Gout 🔹 Arthritis 🔹 Stress 🔹 Muscle and Bone Pains 🔹 Asthma 🔹 Stroke 🔹 Lupus 🔹 Psoriasis 🔹 Alzheimer's Disease 🔹 Liver Problem 🔹 Gastric Problems 🔹 Lung Problems 🔹 Kidney Problems 🔹 Colon Problems 🔹 Skin Problems 🔹 Weak Body 🔹 Poor Memory 🔹 Insomia 🔹 Cancer 🔹 and more! Marami nang... ✅ naregulate na BLOOD SUGAR ng mga DIABETICS ✅ hindi tumaas na BP at wala nang HYPERTENSION ✅ naflush-out na URIC ACID at nawala ang ARTHRITIS ✅ natunaw na BUKOL ✅ gumaling sa CANCER ✅ lumabas na Gallstone at nadurog na Kidney stone ✅ naitamang Kidney ✅ natunaw na Myoma ✅ nakaiwas sa malaking gastos sa operasyon ✅ NABAGO ANG BUHAY ➡️ Hindi ito MILAGRO, hindi gamot, hindi ito food supplement ➡️ Natural ➡️ Walang SIDE EFFECT ➡️ Proven EFFECTIVE ➡️ THE DOCTOR SAID OF PROMAG 300 "It’s a MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE ...NA HULOG NG LANGIT". Sa sobrang effective ng PROMAG 300 ay pinopromote ito ni Idol Raffy Tulfo para sa kanyang SAVE A LEG PROJECT para sa mga DIABETICS na meron nang hindi gumagaling na sugat sa paa. Magnesium is responsible in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, without it, most of the nutrients that we take in like vitamins and minerals will be useless. PROMAG300 is transdermal magnesium hydroxide nano-active designed to be absorbed by the skin to supplement our body with magnesium. ************************* PRICE PER BOTTLE 150ML = P910 300ML = P1820 1 LITER = P4610 (3-4 months) Disclaimer: Effects of PROMAG vary on use and application. **No Approved Therapeutic Claims***** **SAVE LIVES BY SHARING THIS POST** #Promag300 #Magnesium #TransdermalMagnesium #Promag300Heals #Healthinabottle #upmi #Diabetes #HeartProblem #Arthritis #Cancer #Kidney #Stroke
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