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Bakit nga ba napaka effective at napaka ganda ng epekto ng One Opti 15 in 1 Juice Mix sa health natin?! #350 only Cntct#09324224467 ➡ ONE OPTI JUICE Drink is a powerful combination of nature's fifteen (15) healing wonders! 1. 🌱 BUAH MERAH: Known as the miracle fruit, or cure-all superfood, highest concentration of beta-Cryptoxanthin. And an anti cancer agent. 2. 🌱 BARLEY: The world's most nutritious green superfood, improves blood sugar disorders, insulin regulator, prevents diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension 3. 🌱 MANGOSTEEN: The Queen of All Fruits, prevents kidney and gallstones, ease asthma relieves Urinary Tract Infection, promotes good eyesight 4. 🌱 MORINGA: The World's Miracle Tree, rich source of vitamin A, C, E, calcium, iron, potassium, can treat over 300 diseases 5. 🌱 ACAIBERRY: Powerful anti-oxidant, natural vasodilator, natural viagra, heart protector 6. 🌱 GUYABANO: Natural cancer-cell killer, remedy for coughs, dysentery, fever and indigestion 7. 🌱 STEVIA: A natural sweetener, with zero glycemic index, zero calorie, and zero-carbohydrates 8. 🌱 WHEATGRASS: Potent detoxifier, improves digestion and bowel movement, complete protein 9. 🌱 GOJI BERRY: Supports normal kidney function, supports healthy liver function promotes longevity of life 10. 🌱 GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, rich in omega 6, collagen binding nutrient 11.🌱 POMEGRANATE: An anti skin aging, anti anemia, improves bone quality. 12.🌱 TURMERIC: Anti inflammatory, Anti food poisoning, antiseptic, analgesic, very good in wound healing. 13. 🌱 SPIRULINA: Aids depression symptoms purifies blood, good source of essential amino acids 14. 🌱CHLORELLA: Removes fungi, bacteria, and poison in the blood, highest source of chlorophyll. 15.🌱 MACA ROOT EXTRACT: Relieves anxiety and stress; energy, memory and mood enhancer; promotes fertility and sexual health to both men and women; increased stamina and athletic endurance Opti Juice has 648,000 units of ORAC (OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE CAPACITY) VALUE. The synergistic combination of these super-foods gives ONE OPTI JUICE 15 IN 1 MIX unparalleled health benefits making it the new #Elixir for a long and healthy life!. #KnowledgeIsTheKey #OptimumOrganics #AmazingOneOptiJuice #TheKingOfAllOrganicJuice
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