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One Opti Juice 15 in 1


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ONE OPTI JUICE with the synergy of selected fruits and vegetables with HIGH ORAC VALUE will provide the needed Antioxidant your body needs to keep your IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY and STRONG therefore protecting the basic unit of life, our CELLS.. if your cells are healthy, your tissues, organs, systems and your body in general will be healthy. According to research, you need a daily intake of fruits and vegetables of at least with a value of 3,000 to 6,000 Orac Value. Imagine if an apple has 218 ORAC Unit, then to keep your body healthy, you need at least 15-20 apples per day.. ONE OPTI JUICE has an estimated of over 600,000 ORAC Unit per bottle therefore a cup or two of ONE OPTI JUICE a day will definitely provide you your daily ORAC needs to keep your body healthy and away from any form of degenerative diseases. TRY OUR ONE OPTI JUICE and see the difference. We ship locally and abroad. For your orders and dealership inquiry send me a message, text or call: 09281827534 09271392398
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