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Nworld Boss C Sodium Ascorbate Alkaline Vitamin C 562.54mg 100 Capsules per Box 🌿Sodium Ascorbate, Alkaline based (7.2-7.8 pH) - Ascorbic Acid, Acid based (2.5-3 pH) 100% pure and natural - with binders (gawgaw) Dissolves 4x to 8x faster to quicker absorption - Dissolves slowly Stays from 12 to 14 hours in the body - Stays 3 to 4 hours in the body Neutralizes acidity - Reinforces acidity 🌿Non irritant to the stomach - Irritate stomach 🌿Safe for babies - Not advisable Can be taken in mega doze for better health result - Body cannot tolerate more than 500mg per day. 96% is absorbed by the body - Only 25% is absorbed by the body #VitaminsC #BossC FDA Registration No. 711413 Expiration March 2022
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