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Other breastfeeding items: #hbnmbreastfeeding 💫1 box contains 8 sachets 📍BFAD and FDA Approved 📍HALAL Certified 📍Safe for pregnant moms, but advise still to consult your OB for other factors since our pregnancies are different from each other 😊 📍Safe for kids 2 years and up 😊 📍Good for elders especially with those with diabetes. Active Ingredients: 🍥Stevia Natural Sweetener 🍥Non Dairy Creamer 🍥Malunggay, Ashitaba and Gotu Kola Benefits:8 🔹Stevia – A type of Herb that has a sweet taste, and it is a healthy substitute for Sugar because its COMPLETELY NATURAL. Healing Benefits, No Side Effects, Helps in Insulin Secretion 🔹Malunggay – Known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”. Strengthens Immune System, High in Calcium, Controls blood pressure, Restores Skin Condition, Helps boost Breast Milk Production 🔹Gotu Kola – “Most Spiritual Herb.”. Helps Relieve Mental Fatigue, Memory enhancer, Helps boost Breast Milk Production 🔹Ashitaba – “Tomorrow Plant”. Anti Inflammatory, Safe Anti – Oxidant, Helps boost breastmilk production ⚠ While Mother Nurture Chocomix & Coffeemix contain galactagogues, we do not guarantee an increase in milk supply. 💖Generally safe for pregnant mothers since ingredients are all organic but better to consult your OB as every person has different pregnancies. 💖Safe for kids 2 years and above 👧🧑 💖Alternative healthy drink to everyone including daddy, lolo, lola, tita, etc. 🧓👵👩‍🦰👩‍🦱🧔👨‍🦱👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 💖 Safe also for diabetic person as using organic sweetener 💕 ⛔Note: Orders should only be for personal consumption reselling is not allowed. If interested to become a reseller please contact Mother Nurture Main 😊 ⛔Orders that is more than 6 boxes of MN prod only would be shipped with flattened boxes. ⛔ Boxes are automatically flatten if orders will not fit the pouch, if this is not okay with you kindly messsge me first to check what will ONLY fit. ⛔Maximum of 12 orders would be shipped with flattened box. ⛔ Maximum of 15 orders but no box will be shipped. ❗The estimate above is for mother nurture solely, combining with othet products would be different. Thanks. 📦 Please let me know if you intend to have the item flatten to avoid deformity of the box/es. As not using any bubble wrap for this since item is not fragile this is in order to minimize the use of plastic. Plus, bubble wrap does not guarantee no deformity it will still depend on the couriers handling. Let's help save the environment and hope this will not be a factor on your rating 💕 #mothernurture #mothernurturechoco
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