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Large Swimming Pool


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✨ Product Description ⭕ Give children some time while entertaining themselves with this inflatable swimming pool. ⭕ Easy to use, you can build a swimming pool for family in your own garden without worrying about child safety and hygiene. ✨ Features ✅ Fits for adults, kids even the whole family. Enjoy happy time with your family or water party in summer outdoor. ✅ The convenient drain plug makes it quick and easy to move, clean or store. ✅ Each airbag layer has a highly sealed anti-leak valve to prevent air leakage. ✅ Built with latest anti-UV material, perfect for outside water party under the sun. ✅ This blow up pool has a white cap to reflect the sun's heat, you won’t burn yourself when getting in, sitting back or resting your arms along the top surface. ✨ Dimension Size: Medium / Large Material: BPA-free PVC with anti-UV material Fit for Age: 3+ 📣 Warm Tips 1. It should be noted that children must be supervised by adults while they play in the swim pool. 2. Before you set up the big swimming pool, you must check for sharp objects before placing it on the ground. 3. Do not fill the large swimming pool more than 2/3 full with water. 4. Manual or foot pumps are recommended to inflate the pool
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