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Kombucha + Macha Supreme Fresh


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DO you want the "REAL GIRL POWER!" 🤗 I Believe that all Women has two FACES.. "The Aura (upper Face) and The FLORA (vagina). If you like to have a happy and unstressfull "Aura" you should take care first of your "Flora" Because if you have vaginal problem such as itchiness,dryness,U.T.I, vaginal odor,yeast infections and other vaginal concern then it will reflect to your Aura" and you don't wanna see your face struggling because of those discomforts and we both know that is not good!. BUT if you have a Clean and Smells good FLORA, It's a different feeling!🤗 Feels like you have a super powers! 🤗 The confidence of YOU CAN DO anything! That kind of feeling! Because you feel THE Refreshment and THE MOST Comfortable feeling ever! It's Safe and Effective Girls! Make sure you have this KOMBUCHA+MATCHA FEMININE MIST anywhere you go! Have a Real Girl Power in Your pocket! 🥰
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