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C24/7 - AIM GLOBAL Health Benefits of C 247 Natura-Ceuticals C247 contains the highest level of anti-oxidants with approximately 22,000 phytonutrients in one product. Some of the benefits of C 24/7 NATURA-CEUTICALS are the following: Promotes longevity. Lowers cholesterol level. Protects against heart disease and complications. Helps prevent cancer of any origin. Controls high-blood pressure. Controls blood sugar. Enhances and balances metabolism. Prevents degenerative diseases like arthritis. Enhances, nourishes, strengthens and balances the immune system. Increases the production of inherent glutathione in our bodies. Rejuvenates the skin. Regenerates liver cells. Promotes healthy blood circulation. Detoxifies the body. Reduces fatigue, depression and anxiety. Enhances sexual vitality. 100 USES OF C24/7 FOOD SUPLEMENT... 1. Acute and chronic diarrhea 2.Allergic rhinitis 3.Amenorrhea 4.Anemia 5.Atomic dermatitis 6.Atrophic vaginitis 7.Benign prostatic hypertrophy 8. Beri-beri 9.Bone fracture 10.Brain tumor 11.Bronchial asthma 12.Bronchitis 13.Burns 14.Cancer and tumor formation 15.Cataract 16.Cervical cancer 17.Cholelithiasis gallstones 18.Colitis 19. Colon prolapsed and bowel pockets 20. Conjunctivitis 21.Constipation 22. Cough 23. Cyst 24.Deafness of old age 25. Diabetes - insulin dependent type I 26. Diabetes mellitus type II 27. Dysmenorrhea 28.Dyspepsia 29.Ecopora 30.Edema 31.Endometriosis 32. Enteritis - swelling intestines 33. Epilepsy 34.Gastro-esophageal reflux disease 35.Gingivitis 36.Glaucoma 37.Goiter 38.Gout 39.Halitosis 40.Heart disease and complication 41.Hepatitis 42.Hypercholesterolemia 43.Hyperlipidemia 44.Hypertension 45.Immunodeficiency 46.Insomnia 47.Kidney diseases 48.Laryngitis 49.Leucorrhea 50.Livercirrhosis 51. Low sperm count 52. Mental tiredness 53.Migraine 54. Muscle and nerve pain 55. Muscular degeneration 56.Muscular dystrophy 57.Myoma 58.Nephrolithiasis 59.Neuralgia 60.Neuro muscular disorder 61.Osteoarthritis 62.Osteoporosis 63.Pancreatitis 64.Paralysis 65.Parasitism 66.Patients with debilitating disease 67.Pharyngitis 68.Piles after operation 69.Piles-external swelling 70.Premenopausal syndrome 71. Prolapse of the stomach 72. Psoriasis 73.Rectal tumor 74.Respiratory infection 75.Rheumatic heart disease 76.Rheumatoid arthritis 77.Scurvy 78.Shortness of breath in children 79.Sinusitis 80. Skin rash 81. Skin ulcer 82.Sore eyes 83.Spinal diseases 84.Stroke 85.Systemic lupus erythromatosis 86.Tendonitis 87.Thrombosis 88.Thyroid problem 89.Tinnitus 90.Tonsilitis 91.Toxic blood and acidosis 92.Toxins in the body 93.Trochomonasvaginalis 94.Ulcerative colitis 95.Underweight and malnutrition 96.Urethritis 97.Vaginitis 98. Varicose veins 99. Vertigo 100.Weakness of lower leg PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN CURE. 10capsules per box
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