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Breadmate Butter Cookies Yema 500g


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With the hint of butter cookies, this one is personally my favorite to mix with coffee! Making it tastier in every sip! 🤤 🍪 Butter Cookies Our Butter Cookies spread contains your favorite cookies (Danish Cookies) for any holiday made even better! This spread is known for its sweet and crunchy taste. Made with milk, sugar and Danish Cookies which you’ll surely love to add to your afternoon fruits such as bananas or apples. Contrary to its crunchy texture, this spread is still so smooth you can easily put a thin layer of it on actual butter cookies or even on any type of bread. Pair it with coffee and you’ll understand the epitome of match made in heaven! 📆 5 MONTHS SHELF LIFE 🗓 SEALED (FOR LONG SHELF LIFE AND CONSUMERS’ SAFETY) 💯 GOOD PACKAGING (HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS) 💕 BRANDED INGREDIENTS 📦 EXPORT QUALITY 🚫 NO HARMFUL PRESERVATIVES 🤤 CONSISTENT DELICIOUS TASTE! BUY NOW!
Buy Breadmate Butter Cookies Yema 500g for the price of 199 from Madel Capas located in Quezon City, Philippines.