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Magkape in a healthier way! Sa mga gustong magpa PAYAT at PUMUTI @ the same time, eto ang para sa inyo mga glamorosa!❤️ Papayat ka na, puputi ka pa! plus! a lot more healthy benefits! 😀 Glamour Organic PH 12in1 Keto Gluta Coffe is an instant coffee powder that provides all the benefits of ketogenic coffee which saves you the hassle of preparing. It is convenient and easy to carry aroud plus a lot more healthy benefits aside from whitening and slimming.. What are the main ingredients and its benefits? ✓Glutathione – It reduces oxidative stress, reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, improves insulin resistance in older individuals, increase mobility for people with peripheral artery disease, may help fight against autoimmune disease. ✓Grape Seed Powder – may help with a type of poor circulation and high cholesterol. Reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes. ✓Rosehip Powder – rich in anti-oxidants, may support a healthy immune system, may protect against heart disease, aid weight loss, may protect against type 2 diabetes, fight skin aging ✓Goji Extracts – protect the eyes, promotes healthy skin, stabilizes blood sugar ✓Mangosteen Powder- highly nutritiou,low in calories and provides many essential nutrients. Rich in powerful anti-oxidants. Have anti-inflamatory properties. Promote weight loss. ✓Moringa Powder – it protects and nourish skin and hair. Treating edema. Protecting the liver. Preventing and treating cancer. Treating stomach complains. Protects against bacterial diseases. Make bones healthier. Treating mood disorders. ✓Barley Powder – a powerful source of nutrition. Fills nutrition gap. Helps control cholesterol level. Assists with managing chronic diseases.aids boosting skin quality. ✓Green Tea – lowers choleaterol. Prevents cavities. Protect against heart diseases. Speeds metabolism. Prevents diabetes. Maintains healthy circular system. Strengthens tooth enamel. Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Gives healthy skin. Detoxifies. ✓Stevia Extract Powder – helps control blood sugar and insulin levels. May lower blood pressure. Prevents ear and upper respiratory infections. ✓Coffee Powder – increase you fiber intake. Protection against cirrhosis of the liver. Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease. It promotes ketone production, fat metabolism, and fat synthesis and accumulation in the body.
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