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10g Warts and Mole Remover


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10g WARTS REMOVER CREAM ON SALE https://shp.ee/c5nbjwz KASOY CREAM (malabnaw or watery consistency,that's OK, anjan ang bisa) Haluin lamang maigi bago gumamit,use toothpick sa panghalo at pag apply. ☝️👌 By: BREECHBLESS CREATION 🔥100💯 Safe and Effective 🔥All Natural and Herbal 🔥No Expensive Laser Treatment 🔥No Expensive Surgery 🔥No Painful Electro-Cautery 🔥Single Topical Application 🔥Easy to Apply , Less Pain Removal of All Unwanted Skin Growths ✔Moles (Facial/Body) ✔All Kind of Warts( Facial, Peringual, Plantar, Neck) ✔Dermafibrosis ✔Keratosis ✔Skintags ✔Syringoma/Oil Clogs ✔Milia ✔Xanthelesma ✔Keloid Be careful in applying. Do not rub on your eyes!!! Apply only once using clean toothpick. Soak 5-15 minutes for warts, skintags, and mole then wash with water. (If tingin mo dipa nasunog, mag apply ulit at ibabad ng another 15 minutes at hugasan.) Burning/itchy sensation is normal. Keep out of children's reach. Mamumula at mangitim kinabukasan. Pag nakarananas ng panganagamatis/pagnana/itchiness/pamamaga habang inaantay ang paggaling sinunog na warts o nunal, mag apply ng HYDROCORT CREAM(anti-itch & anti-irritation cream) Note: If dry ang cream patakan lang ng alcohol/ kasoy oil but new stocks ay malabnaw na po ang timpla(watery-nandiyan po ang visa so no worries, use toothpick when applying) #wartsremover #essential #natural
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