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Find residential, commercial, and even industrial real estate properties for sale near you on LookingFour, a leading online marketplace in the Philippines. Explore our website today and find a long list of properties for rent or sale in urban and rural areas, including NCR. Choose from a wide range of apartments, condominium units, or house and lots for your family, or select a corner lot that will serve as a base for your business. Selling properties will also be easy, thanks to the website's intuitive interface, efficient search engine, and a large base of willing buyers. Browse out LookingFour today and connect with a potential property seller or buyer.

Check Out Residential and Commercial Real Estate Properties for Sale

Many Filipinos dream of having a home that they can call their own and where they can raise a family. Perhaps you want to buy an empty lot in the suburbs where you can one day construct your dream home, or maybe you prefer to purchase a house and lot that you can immediately move into. You can find options in ideal locations for your home on LookingFour. In addition to residential properties for sale and apartments for rent, our listings include commercial and industrial lots in different places in and out of large cities around the country. If it's your goal to sell off one of these property types, you can also get a good head start on LookingFour's current market.

Buy and Sell House and Lots, Condo Units, or Other Real Estate Properties

Transact on LookingFour and make sure you're dealing with trusted sellers that have gone through our three-level verification process. Browse our listings today and save time when looking for either a seller or a buyer of real estate properties in the Philippines.