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Looking to upgrade your computer setup with a quality monitor? You'll find plenty of both brand-new and secondhand options on LookingFour. We're an up-and-coming online marketplace catered specifically to buyers and sellers from the Philippines, and we promise a convenient and user-friendly experience for both parties. Filter through the thousands of listings in our catalog with the help of our handy and customizable search engine, and find the best deals for you. If, on the other hand you want to sell items on our platform, you can create up to 300 active listings at once, allowing you to attract a wider range of buyers from all around the country.

High-Quality Computer Displays for More Efficient Workflows

All the work you do on your PC depends, in large part, on how well you can see the images displayed on your monitor. This fact alone makes it worth it to invest in a good one. A quality monitor will be comfortable to read and look at for long periods of time, allowing you to get more work done with minimal strain on your eyes and neck. Here on LookingFour, we sell new and secondhand computer monitors of all sizes and specifications. Browse our catalog for one that suits your budget, or put items of your own up for sale today.

Buy and Sell New and Secondhand Monitors in the Philippines

Since 2020, we at LookingFour have been committed to providing buyers and sellers in the Philippines with a secure, efficient, accessible e-commerce platform. At present, our catalog hosts thousands of listings for a wide array of goods, including computer parts, home and office furniture, grocery items, and a host of other lifestyle and household goods. Sellers on our platform are also all verified through a three-step process, so buyers can be assured they're dealing only with trustworthy Sigurado Sellers. Purchase or sell computer parts and other items on LookingFour and you'll soon make it your e-commerce platform of choice.