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Desktop Sets

Looking for items to complete your desktop set for work or for home? You'll find the best deals on brand-new, secondhand, and refurbished items here on LookingFour. Our marketplace is quickly becoming one of the most trusted online sources in the Philippines for tech items, including desktop monitors, computer system units, and components. Buy a complete set today for an affordable price here on LookingFour, or sign up as a Sigurado Seller and sell off the one you already have on hand to a willing buyer.

Complete and Functional Desktop Sets for Work or Home Use

Though some people prefer the mobility and convenience of a laptop, others are more comfortable on desktop setups. Compared to laptops, desktop setups can often be cheaper to acquire, and they're also more easily customizable to the owner's preferences. A great starting point for achieving your own dream rig is a complete desktop setup. You'll be able to find full desktop packages with computer towers, monitors, and input devices like keyboards here on LookingFour. If you want to save up for an upgraded set with different specs, or if you own a business that sells tech items, try selling what you have on hand as one of LookingFour's Sigurado Sellers.

Buy and Sell New and Secondhand Desktop Sets in the Philippines

Thousands of buyers and sellers have already flocked to LookingFour for smooth online shopping and selling experiences. Thanks to our three-step verification process, buyers can be assured that they're dealing only with Sigurado Sellers. Sellers looking to augment their current income, on the other hand, can take advantage of the ability to post up to 300 product listings at a time, therefore increasing their chances of earning. Be a part of the country's most exciting new online marketplace and join LookingFour as a buyer or seller!