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Laptops and Computers

If you've been looking to purchase a refurbished, secondhand, or brand new laptop or personal computer, LookingFour is the perfect place for you. As one of the Philippines' up-and-coming online marketplaces, we aim to help buyers and sellers come together on a highly secure, user-friendly platform. We're currently the only online marketplace that asks users to go through a three-step user verification process, so buyers can be sure that they're transacting with Sigurado Sellers for every order.

Find the PC and Computer Components That Best Suits Your Needs

You're sure to find the perfect computer for work, gaming, or everyday personal use in LookingFour's extensive product catalog. Our listings feature a varied selection of laptops, notebook computers, and even individual parts you can use to build a PC that meets all your computing requirements. Tech-savvy buyers will also be happy to know that they can purchase powerful RAM, hard drive, battery, and wireless internet upgrades on our platform—and many more.

Buy and Sell Computers at the Philippines' Top Online Marketplace

Whether you want to sell off an old computer that's still in great condition or purchase a new laptop of your own, you're guaranteed to have a hassle-free experience using LookingFour. Our website features a clean, easily navigable layout and an efficient search engine that will make it easier than ever for you to find the products you want. We also ensure that buyers and sellers can communicate and negotiate prices efficiently on our platform, enabling all users to secure the best possible deals. Visit LookingFour for your computing needs today!